tango tresSilvio Zalambani - soprano sax and arrangements
Donato D'Antonio - guitar
Vittorio Veroli - violin

tango tresBorn in 1997, Tango Tres propose an investigation about the repertory of tango's origins known like Guardia Vieja (Old Guard), since 1880 until 1920 in Buenos Aires and Montevideo and their typical styles: the spanish folk song and the fandango, the tanguillo andalúz, the cuban contradanza habanera and piano danza, the brazilian maxixe, the uruguayan candombe and milonga criolla, the argentine milonga campera.

The tangos executed by Tango Tres are some of the most celebrated composers of that age: Agustín Bardi, Eduardo Arolas, Vicente Greco, Enrique Saborido, Angel Villoldo, Rosendo Cayetano Mendizábal, Ernesto Ponzio, Vicente Loduca, Luis Teisseire, Francisco Hargreaves, Gerardo Mattos Rodríguez. All originals arrangements are written by the saxophonist and inventor of the project Silvio Zalambani.

The trio recorded two CDs, Guardia Vieja in 1998 and Entrada Prohibida in 2017, both printed by Borgatti Musical Editions (Italy).

The Début of Tango Tres was in 1997 at Palau of Music in Valencia (Spain), during the 11th World Saxophone Festival and then they performed around all Italy and also in Argentine, Chile, Germany and Spain, getting agreement and success by public and rewiev.

In 1999 the project proposed two original theatre productions Shadows of tango and Tango's Stories with Che Tango Che dance company by the argentine choreographer Oscar Raúl Benavídez.

tango trestango trestango tres

The trio participated at various festivals: Teatro Polivalente (Bologna 1997), Cantieri della Zisa (Palermo 1998), Pavaglione Estate (Lugo di Romagna 1998), Medialuna Tango Club (Cesena 1999), Faenza Jazz Festival (Faenza 1999), I Cortili di Modena (Modena 1999), Jazz in Bianco e Nero (Brisighella 1999), Ferrara Busker's Festival (Ferrara 1999), Il Gusto Wine Bar (Roma 2002), Concerti dell'Alba (Cesenatico 2003), 6th World Tango Summit (Seville-Spain 2005), EtnoJazz&TasteFest (Milano 2006), Galleria d'Arte Moderna (Cagliari 2006), 7th World Tango Summit (Valparaíso-Chile 2007), Argentine National Radio (Buenos Aires-Argentine 2007), 8th World Tango Summit (Bariloche-Argentine 2009), Club El Vesuvio (Buenos Aires-Argentine 2009), Los Porteñitos (Buenos Aires-Argentine 2009), Ravenna Festival (Ravenna 2010), Concerti dell'Alba (Cesenatico 2010), Emilia Romagna Festival (Conventello 2012), Teatro dei Sozofili (Modigliana-Italy '15), I Notturni alle Conserve (Cesenatico-Italy '16), Teatro degli Animosi (Marradi-Italy '16), Zingarò Jazz Club (Faenza-Italy '17).

tango tresTango Tres represented Italy at three editions of World Tango Summit (Seville-Spain '05, Valparaíso-Chile '07, Bariloche-Argentine '09), thanks to the success they were interviewed by Mr.Bagriel Soria, the vice-president of the Tango National Academy of Buenos Aires, for the Argentinean TV Solo Tango.

The trio performed many times in Buenos Aires (Argentine), on live at Argentine National Radio and important clubs of tango music too, like El Vesuvio and Los Porteñitos, and also in the patagonic city of San Martin of Andes.

Tango Tres also co-operates with the argentine narrator Rubén Andrés Costanzo.